Site Maintanence

It also includes revising, editing

We include all of the website maintenance services you require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your online website presence. It also includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Personal Training

  1. How to make changes
  2. Adding/deleting images
  3.  Adding/changing content
  4. New pages (No Limit)
  5. Easy background access


  1. Site works across multiple browsers
  2. Social Media Integration
  3. Contact Forms Included
  4. Stock Photography- (No Limit)
  5. We move site to your hosting

Content Development

  1. Provides value
  2. Keywords for search engine optimization
  3. Newsworthy, trendy
  4. Strategic placement

Website Creation

Breakdown of Goals & Opportunities

1. We will study your target audience
2. Analyze your top competition 
3. Your products/services

WordPress Content Management

1. Point and Click/Drag and Drop Editing
2. Edit Content and Pictures in Seconds
3. User-friendly CMS for SEO visibility
4. Manage your site anywhere

Responsive Web Development

A responsive design adjusts according to the screen size your visitor is using.

Screen size adjustment for all devices
Customers can reach you from any device
Mobile-friendly website development

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