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Internet advertising called “pay per click” is the perfect solution for companies with a limited budget.


PPC advertising is basically what it seems. Advertisers agree to pay a certain amount for each click on their ad, based on the offers created for searches of chosen keywords. It is a dynamic system in which advertisers compete with each other for the “premium” position in these paid results.

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That’s where we come in. The pay per click campaigns is quite simple to explain. Someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount for that click, and depending on what your competitors are bidding on (plus other variables), the cost per click will be cheaper or more expensive.

Therefore, carefully developed strategies to place those text ads with the chosen keywords or phrases, are essential.

The challenge is to create a strategy in which the budget is used efficiently and contains the correct words, which are used at the right times. We have managed a wide variety of e-commerce campaigns, prospect generation, and customer acquisition. Start converting those clicks into customers with the help of our specialists.

Finding your niche

Because PPC marketing is very much driven by demographics, geographic areas, market segments, job roles, and specific interests, it offers more immediate results on search engine optimization.

However, when used in conjunction with SEO, pay-per-click marketing can be a tool for generating leads. By focusing on the right keywords, the traffic they create and the resulting conversions, the PPC can deliver tremendous ROI when it is executed effectively.

PPC ads can also be placed on social networks, and these ads are usually more visual than a standard text ad. Paid social ads are also the perfect partner to search for PPC ads powered by engines, and can be used in a complementary way to ensure that the message of your brand is consistent throughout your marketing strategy.

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